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Our Specialties

Vegetable Samosa (2 pcs) **

 Pastries Stuffed with Spiced Potatoes, Green peas and  Raisins.

Samosa Chaat **

Vegetable Samosa with a  Channa Masala, Tamarind, and yogurt.

Mulligatawny Soup ** (G)

A Grain of Salt's Signature Dish Featuring a Medium spicy Red  Lentil Soup Sprinkled with Rice and Chicken Pieces.

Mixed Pakora **

Assorted fritters: Cauliflower, Onion Bhajia, Potatoes, and Spinach battered in Chick peas powder.

Onion Bhajia **

Deep-fried Onions in a Medium spicy Gram Flour batter.

Chicken Pakora **

Chicken fillet in a Medium Spicy Gram Flour batter.

Chicken Chaat ** (G)

A Grain of Salt signature dish consisting of sliced grilled chicken in a special, medium spicy masala with a touch of mango.

Sab Ek Saath ** (Assorted plater)

Medium spicy Mixed platter of Chicken Pakora, Vegetable Samosa, Potato Pakora, Onion Bhajia, and Spinach Pakora.

Shrimp Pakora **

Deep-fried Shrimp with a special batter of  Gram flour.

Aloo Tikki ** (G)

Deep-fried Mashed Potato, Chickpeas, Tamarind sauce with a Touch of Yogurt  -  Must Try

Salad Tikka **

Mixed Green salad , Chicken tikka  with a  touch of  special  Kind of Dressing. 

Fish Pakora **

 Deep-fried White Fish in Gram flour batter.